Do i really wish there were 72 virigins?

i had a dream about these two the other night.

then, somehow i started thinking about what it'd be like with 3... then with 4... then... nah, couldn't go past that. it was too much work.

so i can only imagine 72 would be some real fucking work.

of course, it'd be work that people who are willing to blow up themselves, and buildings, and children, and anything that gets in their fucking way of infinite regression and everlasting make-believe would fucking do.

my mom says i say "fuck" too much.

fuck that.

so yeah, i wonder if those guys ever stop and think about the fact that after he fucks them they won't be virgins anymore... or that they won't even be young forever... that eventually those 72 virgins will turn into 72 incontinent nagging bitches.

fuck that.


fuck that.


  1. A few would be enough. It's more fun to find a virgin and then turn her into a BAD girl. And finding bad girls where someone else has done the work is great, too. I miss my favorite bad girl. :(

    Now, 72 "sluts" would be a much nicer, more heavenly, Heaven.

  2. dude, 72 sluts... sounds like my high school days. hahahahaha.

    i'm terrible.