Blue sox

one reason why i don't trade in my CTA card for a car of my own is: money. it's expensive shit. but another reason is: the comedy. people who ride the buses and trains like i do tend to be full of character... like the old chinese man in my neighborhood who wears the craziest outfits -- suits from decades ago, all wool, newsy caps, etc.

keep in mind, this old chinese man has no teeth and he hollers out loud to himself in cantonese like he has turrets or something. fucking hilarious. people have a hard time restraining their laughter.

anyway, i knew no one would believe me that the man got on the bus the other day in a bright BLUE wool suit with matching socks and tie. so i fucking took a picture all sly-like with my stealthiness:

only in real life.



  1. Big city public transportation doesn't have a monopoly on characters. You oughta see the old Vietnamese woman who lives across the street from me. She wears one of those cool conical straw hats (I envy it), and walks around the neighborhood screaming and pointing a stick at dogs. One day a few weeks ago she was throwing water into the street in some sort of ritualistic way. And yesterday she and her younger male relative were trying to round up her two, large aggressive dogs which constantly escape. They got them, but not before one bit a kid as I watched. Interesting drama.

  2. I just realized, some people might even consider ME a "character".... Hmmmm.