Smoking, religion & how we're all gonna fucking die

this picture is from the author bio page of this new book by chen yuzhuang on song through jin dynasty celadon kilns. not that you give a fuck about that sorta thing, but the fact that mr. chen wanted to use THIS picture -- of all the fucking pictures of him that exist -- makes me laugh... and not in a good way.

'cuz it proves just how far off china is from being "like us".

i started smoking while living in china. to fit in. because manly men smoke cigs. that's what they do. if you don't smoke, you don't get in the club, you don't get the girl, you don't the next round of drinks. i recently quit smoking (6 months and counting), but it took me 12+ years of 20-30 squares a day and the inability to climb up one flight of stairs without losing my breath to finally break the fucking habit. and i'm 31 years old.

quitting smoking was the hardest thing i've ever done.

and even though we know how dangerous, how unhealthy, how murderous these cigarettes really are, logic still hasn't gotten through to many parts of the world, specifically china. shit, it's only gotten through to us during the last 15-20 years or so.

so if takes that long for human beings to wake up and smell the fucking carcinogens choking us, then imagine just how long it will take before all humans realize just how retarded the idea of religion really is.

how it's wasteful, how it's harmful, how it's totally unfounded, unnecessary, unhelpful.

i don't even wanna think about it.

but, we can't give up. if we give up, we never have a shot at winning. and all we need is a fucking shot.


  1. Kinda shoots down the theory about how China is gonna take over the "US of A" doesn't it. Can't take over much if you're hacking up a lung and dying. I'd be disappointed to find out Jackie Chan smokes anything harsher than pot (which I definitely think tobacco is). Speaking of which, my tobacco plants don't seem to have germinated this year. Crap. Sorry, just a train-of-thought moment there.

  2. if we all just smoked a little pot everyday the world would be fucking awesome.