More black jesus please

sometimes when i enter the 'tags' or 'labels' for a post via blogger, some subliminal forces seem to be at work. for example, when i want to tag "jesus", blogger assumes i mean "black jesus"... sometimes i do, but not often enough.

which got me to thinking: WHY NOT MORE BLACK JESUS!?!?!

the white judeo-christian version of jesus is as fucking dumb as it gets: a meek, hipster, birkenstock-wearin', straight edge new ager with pasty white skin is the jesus of choice? jesus was a jew! from israel! he wasn't white goddamnit!

if i have to have jesus slammed down my throat, i'd rather have black jesus slammed down my throat. wait. uh... that didn't quite sound the way i intended it to. moving on...

black jesus, if nothing else, adds some style and some fun back into a dying franchise... so if jesus creeps into YOUR next conversation, make sure you reference the black jesus -- ONLY -- and that you make a very strong case for the existence of black jesus...

...just for fun.


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  1. Jesus, that "slammed down the throat" bit was fucking awesome!
    el oh el