I'm sorry. so, so sorry.

i didn't want to do it. in fact, i fought it. long and hard.

it was a present. i swear. from my dad.

and there it sat, for over a month, because i refused to acknowledge that the time had come.

after nearly a month, and several inquiries from my father as to what i thought, i decided it was finally time.

so i fired it up.
and just as i suspected, i fell in love. instantly.

i'm so sorry, lovely physical books taking up an entire room of my otherwise spacious apartment. i'm so, so sorry...



can't i go into a walgreens without being reminded that i don't fit the status quo, that i haven't had a meaningful relationship that lasted more than 3 months in over a decade?

can't i just buy my ice packs and shoe inserts and dentyne arctic chill without all the "HEY LOSER, LOOK AT WHAT ALL THE COOL KIDZ IZ BUYIN!!!"?

srsly, why don't they sell dentyne artic chill by the pack? i always seem to have to buy them in bulk. that's bogus.

(image via skull swap)


Still tasting the rainbow

knee high rainbow socks make me as horny as a twenty-horned toad! i don't know why. maybe it harkens back to my ecstasy-laden candy-ravin' youth. not sure. but sometimes i will do a google search like this and then just salivate over the results.

i'm sure there's a fetish club for this rainbow sock lovin' addiction i got.



More tea party jeebus

hm. not quite, tea party jeebus. not quite.

(via tpj)


The idiotverse

the worst part about being intelligent is that you are surrounded by idiots.

they're everywhere. literally EV. ERY. WHERE.

the other day we had a snow storm in chicago. it wasn't a ton of snow, just 5 inches, but it all came at once and caused some pretty gnarly carnage on the main streets. my commute home from work generally takes 10 minutes. on that day, it took AN HOUR and 10 minutes.

this was mostly because idiots occupied the streets. intersections blocked by idiots. angry drivers being cut off by idiots. wrecks being caused by idiots roaming the streets with no regard for THE FUCKING BAZILLION CARS TRYING TO NAVIGATE THE SNOWED IN STREETS.

sometimes all the idiocy around me leaves me with little hope. i feel like i have to retreat into the sanctuary of my own home/mind to avoid the fallout from the mass idiocy that has taken our world hostage.

whether it's eschewing the rules of the road during a white out, or touting the healing powers of an invisible sky daddy, my patience for idiocy is about as taxed and tattered as it could ever be.


30 versus 30,000

the older i get the more i seem to appreciate nature. i like exploring and sitting my ass down when i find something cool. a lot of times i wear my headphones and enjoy the ability to create unique soundtracks based on what i see.

but this...



Gotta find this place

which reminds me...


Let them have (stormtrooper) cake

click *HERE* to see this fabulous creation.

ps, i wanna marry that girl.



sunday was one of the best days of my life. i finished the houston marathon in 3 hours, 15 minutes, 19 seconds -- a whole FIVE AND A HALF minutes faster than my previous best.

i'm recovering now, planning to post a full race report on the run factory within the next few days.

here is the song that was stuck in my head for at least 22 of those 26 miles (during the last 4 my brain wasn't working well enough to understand music):


Pardon the interruption

i'm going to do something i haven't done in almost two years: take a few days off from sharing my thoughts.


because i'm super focused right now on running a personal best at the houston marathon this weekend. i'm going to be traveling, the technology loop (as mentioned previous) tends to drag my focus in times like these, and i want to really kick some fucking ass down there.

i'll be back.

while i'm gone, do yourself a favor by going outside and exploring.



Beware the technology loop

i rely WAY too much on technology. i get sucked in by it VERY easily and i have a hard time putting the smart phones, the ipods, the laptops, the garmins, etc down or away for any extended period of time.

i need to change that.

when i run, i run sans phone/ipod and sometimes i run without my garmin, but that time only accounts for a small percentage of my day.

i'm going to try and get away from all the gadgets a little more in 2012. at least, i hope i can.

btw, portlandia is a fucking ridiculously hilarious and exciting new show on IFC.


Only thing missin' is chuck norris and a badass fight sequence

Save me from my species. please.

as if the delusional religion pandering masses weren't enough crazy, now i gotta sit through an entire year of broke-ass apocalyptic mayan calendar shit?!? seriously?!?!?!

fifth century BCE bullshit fairy tales are now regarded as fact?!?!? they warrant hour long television shows on the fucking history channel?!?!?


it's embarrassing.


And now we know

i have always wondered what goes on behind those little black flaps. well, now we know:

"A Universe from Nothing" by Lawrence M. Krauss

i'm reading sam harris' The Moral Landscape right now (a fascinating albeit difficult to grasp at times read) and in checking in at mr. harris' website i found this recent interview with scholar lawrence m. krauss about his new book A Universe from Nothing.




santa may not visit for another year, but zelig claus has a pocketful of hamiltons that'll do the trick.


Dubsteppin like a boss

stole this from our man in los angeles, but judging from the 25 million + views on the old youtube, i'm sure he won't mind.


he was born with 'em.

apparently, i was too, i just don't know how to make 'em work like that.

BUT... i am willing... to... learn?


In awe of ueli

to say i have a soft spot for ordinary people doing extraordinary things is quite the understatement. so it's no surprise that ueli steck, multi-record-holding speed alpinist, gets me excited about living.

here. see for yourself.


Now let seth mcfarlane say it...

Star wars yoga

for so long, yoga seemed just... so... intangible to me.

but NOW...

now, i get it. totally get it.


What is beauty?

the definition of "beauty" is, obviously, one of personal taste. it's a relative idea. my understanding of it is unique. on a bigger scale, societies create their own versions of what constitutes as "beauty".

some think long-ass necks are sexy.

others find robust hips to be a must.

i'm not sure what my own idea of it is exactly, as my tastes vary from day to day, moment to moment really; but i do know that i can appreciate different discourses on the subject of beauty.

do yourself a favor and travel back to the 50s/60s to discover what "beauty" looked like to the masses. i reckon today's kids would look at this and find it completely boring, yet back then, these were considered suggestive/sexy.


Is it me or is it hollyweird?

when it comes to the movies that come out nowadays, i feel like an old curmudgeon forced to ponder whether my pissy attitude is based on nostalgia or whether or not they just don't make movies like they used to.

when i think of my favorite flicks, none of them have been made past 1994.

i try. i mean, i really do try to get excited about movies still but i've just been left disappointed so many times that i feel like the white flag is necessary.

nowadays i go to the movie theatre once or twice a year. that's it. and i make sure i'm going to see a movie that i'm already lined up to enjoy. i saw war horse recently. it was... okay. not great. but not "oh-here's-another-shitty-remake" bad.

i like to think that shitstorms come in cycles too. so maybe there's hope that the movie industry will escape from the one its been in the last decade.


This Will Destroy You's "Quiet"

music is powerful.

i doubt anyone would deny that.

what is up for debate is what kind of music causes that power to stir within you.

for me, this will destroy you's "quiet" is really hitting it on all levels right now. when i listen to it i am reminded of how far i have come in my journey to be the best me i can be. i see my mistakes. i see my triumphs. i see me soldiering on, whatever it takes.

that's something i need today. maybe you'll find it too.

USB jeebus

for your infected computer... when it needs to slow its roll and reflect on all that is good... let jeebus go to the cross for it and hope no evangelical viruses find their way into your machine.

ew. sounds dirty.


All hail bobby mcbadass

bobby mcferrin is one of those artists who could hold my attention forever. i've scoured the youtubes and internetz for all the bobby vids i can find and i'm still not satisfied. the man is just so talented and he has never been afraid of doing something new.

that's something i can take to the proverbial bank.

here are a couple of my favs...

Would you make out with your mannequin doppelganger?

hmm. if megan fox can do it, surely i can do it.

but i'd rather just make out with megan fox.

her mannequin doppelganger will work just fine, thank you.



ahh yes, that age old propensity to give credit to the miracles of an invisible sky daddy who can hear all thoughts (and convict you of THOUGHT CRIME!!!) rather than see things for what they are, with fact.

it's just too easy to say so-and-so beat cancer because cindy christian "prayed" about it. nevermind the chemo, the medicine and myriad other treatment options.

in fact, for cindy christian to think she's so important that she has the FUCKING EAR OF GAWD to request with it whatever she likes kinda proves just how pompous and egocentric xtrian folks tend to be.

and why doesn't cindy christian's invisible sky daddy answer her prayers to stop those children from getting raped, or those wives from getting beaten, or those tsunamis from wrecking entire villages!?!?

pray harder, cindy christian. pray HARDER.

(image via smbc)