How to not eat grandma

for the longest time i thought i wanted to be cremated. i thought it'd be simpler.

but nowadays i feel that'd be a waste.

if i want to really contribute to society, to science, to progression, then i think i should donate my body to science.

except they make it really fucking hard to donate your body to science.

so if any of you out there find me dead some day, call this guy named manuel mentiras (if you snoop around my apartment you'll find his info) and he'll take care of the rest.




  1. You can do both! Have your ashes added to cake batter and served as a treat for your mourners! That's one of my thoughts for what to do with my corpse. The other involves a nice BBQ with me as the main course. Letters would be sent to all the diners a couple of months later mentioning what that delicious critter covered in sauce was.

    Cannibalism was the subject of my most-hated column: link

  2. "Light-hearted look at cannibalism"... I dig it!!!