Miracles my ass

humans can be real fucking stupid sometimes. such stupidity is well represented by the insane clown posse in their song 'miracles'. if you listen to this song, you will realize that everything they are talking about can be explained fairly easily, that these events are not 'miracles'.
  • the pyramids
  • rainbows
  • mars
  • water, fire, air or dirt
  • solar eclipses
of course, the above is just a sampling of what ICP dubs a 'miracle', but you can clearly see that they are fucking retarded.

yet the really scary issue is this: most people think exactly like they do.

if we don't understand it, we assume something greater than us is responsible. well that's just lazy ass bullshit. come on, people. stop being a slave to dogmatic make-believe!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!

(thanks to jerod for the vid link from way back when)


  1. So, I guess since most people are idiots, that means ICP's success is also on the list of "not a miracle". I was mistaken, thank you for clearing that up. The rash, I meant; not my confusion.