Just a baby-religio-fallacy metaphor

these babies are... babies. they have little control over... well, anything.

they were put in those buckets. they did not put themselves in those buckets.

yet the buckets they are in (determined by someone else) will dictate how they live the rest of their lives. and that fucking sucks.

'cuz one of those buckets is christianity, one is hinduism, one is islam, one buddhism, one judaism...

all slaves.

(image via the friendly atheist)


  1. Yep. But so many people will claim that they "chose" to remain in their particular bucket after careful contemplation. Yeah, right.

    Had my parents been born in Iraq, they'd be devout Muslims rather than Christians, I have no doubt.

  2. exactly. as much as one would like to believe, choice is rarely the issue. geography... that's the issue.