Coming out of the closet, pt. 2

the movement is picking up steam... people aren't afraid to admit their atheism anymore... little by little our voices are being heard.

but they need to be LOUDER.

because the jesus freaks (and other religious nutbags) have had thousands of years of experience ahead of us and we need to do some catching up. to help your friends come out of the closet on atheism, i recommend the quotable atheist, which not only provides a cool database of popular atheist quotes from standout individuals in history/society, but it also encourages one to stand his/her ground on his/her non-belief.

today's featured atheist is the late arthur miller. as a playwright, miller forced us to stare down reality, to deal with it, to triumph. in this clip (part of a series called "the atheism tapes", which i highly recommend for all) he speaks the truth on our communal regress:

scary shit.

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