A muslim, a christian and a jew walk into a bar...

i find few things funnier than muslims, jews and christians working together, on anything. 'cuz no matter how much cooperation there may be between the sides (i think it's safe to say there's less cooperation than there is hostility), in the end, they can't all be right.

so someone's gotta be wrong. yes?

HINT: they're ALL fucking wrong.

if you haven't ever seen the big debate episode where richard dawkins tangos with muslims, jews AND christians all at the same time, then you should check it out, starting with part one. i've posted a clip from that episode before... y'know, the one where dick calls out the muslims on that tiny inconvenient truth that the penalty for apostasy in islam is TO BE FUCKING MURDERED.

if you enjoyed that, you'll enjoy the whole show.

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