Izem unnergan ya!

i saw this quite a while ago on one of those brainy nerd sites... then i got on with my life and did other stuff... forgot about it.

but then i ran across it again recently on the interwebs, and hot damn if this isn't an awesome little nug of creativity!

it's brilliant.

in case you don't read the vid liner notes, the lyrics to this song were written by an italian in a completely made-up gibberish language designed to sound like english.

in other words, this is what english sounds like to an italian.

i talk in gibberish all the time. gibberish german. gibberish french. gibberish japanese. i can fool many non-speakers into thinking i actually know the language. in fact, during my partying days, i convinced one of my two-week-fling gals into believing i spoke seven languages fluently!

for the record: i only speak two fluently, then i can get by in another.


  1. Interesting. Now I wanna hear someone speaking their own language with a fake American accent (like we do in movies and TV and when joking around).

  2. Thar sounded like Bob Dylan doing disco...LOL

  3. WTF?! I don't know why that makes me think of the old Kenny Everette Show.

  4. he does sound like dylan! good call.