Having dinner with a christian

unfortunately, i am related to many a bible-thumpin' christ-lover. and while for the most part they are good folks at heart, in the end their lives are entirely based on make-believe, which sorta leaves me cautious... of everything.

but the other day i went out to dinner with one of these jesus-lovin' relatives of mine and it was quite a pleasant experience. we shot the shit about baseball (christians like it too, i guess), music, hell, we got to talkin' about such secular stuff that had i not known already, i would've thought he was just like me.

and then he brought it up. jesus.

and how my journey with him is going.




why can't i let go of my astute atheism? for the same reasons they can't let go of trying to make everyone JUST... LIKE... THEM... despite the fact that they're so fucking wrong about so many things on so many levels that it's just a fucking....

train wreck.

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  1. And why can't you let go of your belief in gravity? I mean come on, reality is one thing, but wouldn't you rather believe you can fly?