What if...

what if i wrote subtle yet jabbing comments on facebook about one's need to right him/herself and join the powers of the magical force and the ways of zeligtonian thought -- to eschew the evils of christendom, to swat down the lies of islam, to destroy the misinformation of the talmud?

what if?

people would get really fucking pissed off. that's exactly what would happen.

so why is it okay for one of my jesus-loving christ-consumed religious zealot family members to write this in her status update for all to see:

"dear heavenly father, please, please, please help him see that you are real. show him your miracles. touch his life. please dear lord, save his soul."

ya see, that's a real NOT SO SUBTLE way to call me out and make ME look stupid... in theory... except for the little fact that THERE IS NO FUCKING SKY DADDY and you are the one who looks like the fool... because you are.

the above request is petty, it is selfish (all about what YOU want without considering what I want for MYSELF) and most of all, it would require me to subscribe to the philosophy of infinite regress, which, ironically, is infinitely fucking stupid.

ya ain't gonna win me over like that.

next time i'm gonna start posting FSMs on your wall. and i won't stop until you shut the fuck up about jesus.


  1. But, you see, it's OK to do silly, mean-spirited things like that because they really, really (want to) believe it's true.

    Definitely, FSM should be called down upon her Facebook profile in retribution. That, or post a nice Malcolm Reynolds quote: "Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket..."

  2. i'm plotting my next FSM bomb right.... now.