Offending cowboy jesus

i spent some time in texas recently.

my sisters took me to a two-steppin' bar. i fucking loved it.

well, most of it.

the ladies were fly, the drinks cheap, the dancing endlessly fun... but the cowboys... the cowboys didn't like me hatin' on jesus.

"everybody here is white." i said to a big, fat cowboy who was friends with one of my sisters.

"that's the way it should be." he replied.

"really? that stuff still goes on down here? jesus christ."


"uh.... you serious?"

he stood up. towering over me. he took off his cowboy hat.

"with GOD as my witness."

texas: capital of the FUCKING RIDICULOUS


  1. I still can't believe I'm from this idiot state. I'm driving down the highway today and this 18-wheeler has the following plastered on the back and sides of the truck:
    "Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, not a swear word!"
    Fuck the Jesus character, fuck Mohammed, fuck Yahweh, fuck Joseph Smith, fuck L. Ron Hubbard, and fuck the rest of the frauds.
    I feel much better now, thanks.

  2. what's worse is that instead of talking about it, the dude just decided he'd use his fists to fix any problem i had with his fucking jesus (which really began because he came out to me as a FUCKING RACIST BASTARD). seriously... this is why religion is HARMFUL as a whole. i don't care what good it does, it teaches AND REQUIRES intolerance and i have a fucking problem with that. i'd say blow up texas but i don't wanna get ya hurt, so i'll refrain from wishing it to disappear ;-)

  3. See, when most of them look at me, they think I'm mostly on their side (my long hair sometimes tips them off), but you should see how they react when they find out I am an atheist, and (as an anarchist) I DO NOT "support the troops" in their invasion of other people's property all around the globe. It doesn't go over well. Probably the only thing that keeps me safe is I look like I am probably armed, and maybe crazy.