Soccer and grass

sure i played soccer as a kid. didn't we all?

but it sucked.

and we all knew it.


HINT: if you're high, soccer can be pretty fucking cool, then again... most things can be pretty fucking cool if you're high, and if you already knew that then this ain't really news to you then now is it.


  1. That's cause you're not watching Argentina my friend! Treat yourself...watch Brazil's next match. Or not. train wreck.

  2. I have never been a sports fan, but soccer seems to be the worst of the worst to me.

    It's much more fun to visit your blog. You score every time.

  3. i have been watching the world cup. i find parts of it exhilarating, but most of it just waiting. still, i can handle this high level of competition. the mls on the other hand? not so much.