The wishy washiness of the cross

the following is my OPINION, based on my EXPERIENCES, which, believe me... are a plenty.

- - -

i don't see eye to eye with muslims, but i respect that there's no bluriness in our respective stances. they believe in allah and they think that, because i don't, i deserve to die.

fair enough.

with the jews (the devout sort, not the ethnic kind), their anti-social and semi-secretive ways sorta keep me out of what's really going on, but at least they leave me alone.

the buddhists, hindus, other sorts...

they're my favorites because they don't bother you at all. they could care less what you think, about them or about you, and best of all, they stay out of my schools, my government and my life. period.

i can dig that.

but, good grief, christians!!! jesus fucking christ christians!!!! they can be the most annoying creatures on the planet! they feel the need to control you. to change your mind. to be all up in your business, to pry, to scorn, to crawl into your bedroom, to squeeze into our schools and our courts. like cockroaches they're everywhere. they yearn to force you under the same fucking hypnotic bullshit spell they've been cast under because they've been told it's something they have to do. they tiptoe back and forth between the real world and the fairytale world (the two cannot mesh; you either believe one or the other) and they smile at you while ridiculing you and damning you to hell behind your back.

but, the good news is:

there is no such thing as hell.

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