Let's examine this father of the year

obviously, this picture is a bit alarming. at first.

but why?

why is it alarming? upon closer inspection, the only thing i can tell that is going on that probably shouldn't be is that the father is only using one arm to hold his child.

there's a chick in a bikini on a bench? so.

so what?

what the fuck is wrong with that?

the world has real problems. dying resources, terrorism, religious fanaticism, genocide. so a kid sees a half naked chick, so the fuck what. part of the problem folks have today is rooted in a lost, shameful and misunderstood sense of sexuality.

like in every other avenue of life, being honest, being realistic and being mindful of others in a respectful way will get us where we need to go.


  1. Some people are just so scared of actual human bodies they react strangely when they see one, and don't want anyone else to see one either. It's sad, really, that some people are that sick in the head.

  2. i know it. i wish we could change it, somehow. maybe if we lived in europe. europeans seem to be less shocked by shit like that. i dunno.