Tea unicorn

a friend of mine posted this pic on facebook the other day with the hilarious caption-turned-thread that proclaimed the apocalyptic return of a mighty unicorn as foreseen by the fortuitous tea residue formed in the shape of the unicorn at the brim of the cup there.

sounds fucking ridiculous doesn't it?

'cuz it is.

human beings... we see things we wanna see, believe things we wanna believe, not always because it's true, but because we can't stop our brains from fantasizing about "other". our minds are built to make connections; unfortunately, many of the connections are simply made-up, unreal and full of shit.

the tea unicorn. jesus as the son of "god". god/allah/yahweh/whatevs... all of that.

the mind's way of making sense of the world.

which, ironically, makes no fucking sense, 'cuz none of it can be proven.

*thanks to S for the pic


  1. All hail the second coming (or third, or whatever) of the Mighty Unicorn! We bow before thy mighty horn!

  2. habba labba ramma bamma ding ding dong dong! say it with me now and maybe the mighty horned unicorn will grace us with its presence in the form of a scantily clad chica.....