A tooth, some dog hair, some long chinese hair

okay, haven't found any teeth (or toofs) from womens in my apartment... but i have found other things.

lots of things actually. going back some years!

all of the dog hair from the last girl's dog is finally gone. jesus christ i've been finding it EVERYWHERE for months now. i mean, i did love the shit out of that little pup, but goddamnit if he didn't shed hair in places i didn't even think he could reach!

and the girlfriend previous to the one mentioned above left a ton of shit in strange places... still finding shoes, underwear, hair ties, not to mention hidden clumps of LONG BLACK HAIR (she did have beautiful, long, black hair, i'll give her that)... all in the trash now.

but i guess i'll never reach the big leagues until i get a girl to start leaving her teeth around. i'll see if i can work harder to reach that goal.


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