Remembering the outfield

a couple months ago i got to spend a weekend on the road with one of my good friends who lives in indiana -- a radio disc jockey with a keen ear for all things badass rock music.  now, every time i hang with this dude, he teaches me something new about music, and during this trip in particular he schooled me on the wonders of the late 80s british band "the outfield".

unfortunately, the outfield got labeled as a one-hit wonder (your love was their big hit) and the true trove of musical gems they produced got swept under the proverbial bed of has-been rockstars.

in my opinion, it's a fucking tragedy. every single one of their tracks is uplifting, musically complex and harmonically satisfying.  here's one of my favs, say it isn't so.

rock on, muthafuckas!!!!

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