A public fileting of one crazy-train's delusional words

long story short: someone stumbled across Sky God! while recently looking for jeebus pics. she left a comment. i checked out her blog and realized it was a delusionoid blog, and that she had written about me. i gave her shit about it. in serious (but good) fun... sorta. then she wrote this (copied below, in red) and now i'm gonna dissect the shit out of it. because i can, and should. my words in italics.

shall we?
- - -


I am famous.
not really, but, sure, i'll go with it.
I ticked off a blogger badly enough that I was blogged about. LOL.
here's yet another case of a christian delusionoid thinking she knows me and how i feel and who i am, all from one fucking internet blog entry.
Hell-o Kitty!
uh... okay. don't get the reference. doesn't matter.

He was more angry that I didn't link his rudeness to my own blog than anything else I think, but whatever.
again, she knows what i think and feel. AMAZING! no wonder christians are so pompous! they know everything about everyone all the time! her lack of a link or anything in her story -- while admittedly not status quo for the interwebbin' world -- didn't make me angry. no. her blind devotion to all things fantasyland and the scores of like-minded folks who traipse and drudge through the world, bringing it down and making it dumber are what makes me angry.
I must go to my prayer closet so that I might fully take on his challenge of proving him wrong. Something tells me though, that this is not MY fight. The battle is the Lord's.
while you're in there in that er... uh... prayer closet?, see if the easter bunny and the tooth fairy are free to do my kid-nephew's birthday party this year. i really wanna make it EXTRA special this time. i will also accept talking snakes, men who can walk on water and dead people who come back to life. also, i wonder how fucked the world would be if other real-life problems were simply left to this "lord" that has never been seen, heard, touched (again, we're talkin' real life here, not fables or delusions or natural phenomenon that people are too dumb to understand)... OH GEE A TORNADO IS COMING TOWARDS MY HOUSE. INSTEAD OF SEEKING SHELTER LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING, I'LL JUST STAY RIGHT HERE IN ITS PATH AND TRUST THAT THE LORD WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS AND SAVE ME. CUZ HE LOVES ME! THIS I KNOW! FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO AND THE BIBLE IS NEVER WRONG.  
And no dear one, I will NOT link. It is not your religious views which make me *cringe* (more sarcasm), it is your filthy mouth. I have tried several other religions including no religion at all. I know what they have to offer, and I prefer having an eternity over having a feel good moment now.
she considers me a 'dear one'. a'ight. no complaints. where exactly is this 'eternity'? have you been there? have you seen it? is there proof of this? is it quantifiable? is it anything other than another fucking delusion? and if you've tried all these religions, how do you know that christianity is right and the others are all wrong? seems like a pretty risky bet to lay everything on some bullshit bronze-age tall tales that don't make any fucking sense when scrutinized by anyone with a functioning brain. as for my mouth, i don't give a fuck what you think. i speak the way i speak for effect, also, to celebrate the colorfulness of language. i don't like being told how i have to talk, write, speak. i don't harm anyone and i do what i want. you think it's filthy? that's on you. not my problem. don't fucking read it then. you probably (and i don't know this for sure, just conjecture) also think that naked bodies are disgusting and that children shouldn't know what sex is and that contraceptives are bad. if i'm wrong in assuming this, well, my bad. forgive me? i mean, what would JESUS do? really. 
And if your thinking is clear and mine delusional...then bring on the dream world. Enjoy this life, though because if Jesus is not your Lord; it is as close to heaven as you will ever know.
a threat. oh, yes, of course, this couldn't be a real christian delusionoid conversation without a THREAT. they love the THREAT. (it's always a threat they can never cash in on though.) i AM enjoying this life. i'm enjoying the FUCK OUTTA THIS LIFE. it's your kind -- delusionoids who can't stand the idea of liberty of thought, who HAVE to be all up in my fucking business, in my bedroom, government and public schools -- you're the ones making it difficult, the ones bringing down the species. we're trying to PROGRESS here but we can't as long as these fables are treated as fact and the worldviews they promote continue to divide and be intolerant of the rich varieties of life that exist on this fucking planet. but i try not to let it all bother me too much. and again, how close to this 'heaven' have you been? something tells me you don't know what the fuck you're talking about... i mean, you're not talking about anything that any educated person could possibly take seriously.
Be blessed brother. I will have your rebuttal soon. And don't worry, it won't take a bunch of bleeding heart pastors to help me. I am perfectly capable of holding my own.
wonderful. i'm happy for ya.
Love ya' now!
okie doke.
And always remember JESUS IS LORD.
if we're talking proverbial lords -- as in, i am the lord of of my apartment -- then, uh... whatevs. but jesus, to me -- and to anyone who has enough self-respect to have a fucking independent thought -- is just a historical figure who was embellished 70 years AFTER he was already fucking dead. his story is -- SURPRISE SURPRISE -- the same story as horus' story, the same as mithra's, the same as krishna's, the fucking same as osiris and about A BAZILLION OTHER FUCKING HERO WORSHIP STORIES.

do your homework.

holla back.


  1. Her smugness absolutely floors me. If only these idiots knew what they sounded like to us sane folks...

  2. yeah, the smugness... it's... vomit inducing. they really have no problem laying it all on bullshit. it's scary is what it is.