Um... yikes.

yep. them's all boys. lady boys as they call 'em in thailand, and throughout asia.

i will say that i had a, er... strange lady boy encounter once when i was living in china.

i was on holiday in hong kong, at a bar, pretty shitfaced (if i remember correctly), when a beautiful woman sat down beside me. she smelled good. FANTASTIC even! if i could describe her scent with something tangible i'd say that it alone caused a bonafide bonerjam.

immediately we struck up conversation, and though it was quite apparent she was a 'working girl' looking for a john and i certainly wasn't interested in that, i did entertain the idea that i could get her to follow me back to the hotel on just my own charm.

i bought her a couple drinks. we talked. laughed. she kept touching me.

and i noticed a lot of the locals snickering and hiding their eyes from mine when i looked around.

then... it hit me.

i got it. don't know why or how, because like the lady boys pictured above, you really could not tell. at all.

but i knew.

i asked her: "so, are you a... uh..."

"LADY BOY!" she said.

and i ran. i fucking RAN! i was so embarrassed... but it's funny as hell now.

good grief one can hardly tell!!!

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  1. If I had nice boobies like some of those ... guys, I'd never get anything done.

    One of my friends once told me about this girl he knew and was interested in- before they got too serious she confided that she was actually a hermaphrodite and showed him the evidence. It killed his desire for a sexual relationship, but he said "she" was absolutely gorgeous. I still find that story fascinating. LOL