Every human being should see this video. every. single. one of them.

this is why i won't shut the fuck up about the message to shed some light on the fucking delusionoid population.

i sorta wanna post this vid every day.

in case another delusionoid stumbles over Sky God!

thanks to j2 for the link.


  1. I love his definition of faith: ‎"fear dressed up as virtue".

    The only thing I could find wrong about his argument is that he assumes all Christians are under the influence of the clergy. Some skip right past the clergy and rely on the Bible itself as their "authority"- which is almost more bizarre considering how disgusting the Bible is. It seems if you read it for yourself rather than letting someone else pick and choose for you, you would see the inconsistencies and overt evil a lot more clearly. But I guess not.

    With my mom, the closest she comes to having a clergy member brainwashing her is the radio religionists she listens to. People like James Dobson. Ugh.

  2. don't even get me started on dobson. he's one of the thorns in the side of my once logical thinking family.