You and that damn facebook

i wonder, if i were to constantly put updates on my facebook about how i feel in regards to religion, how many facebook friends would i really have? (not that i give a fuck, by the way)

the reason i'm wondering this out loud is because i'm getting real sick and tired of seeing jeebus shit splattered all across my timeline... every day... on the regular... without being afforded the same opportunity/respect to write shit about how I FEEL.

my non-belief inspired posts/links/statuses/whatevs are supposedly offensive to so many.

so what? i don't give a fuck. don't like it? don't be my friend. i don't like the constant barrage of idiocy i'm subjected to, merely by being related to a lot of delusional religious drones, but i fucking put up with it and keep my commentary to a minimal yelp, IF that.

the free passes given to the mentally ill (read: religious folks) have gotta stop. i'm gonna start callin' people's shit out.

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