How to ruin a child's life, very early on

i was talking with my youngest sister the other day, planning upcoming trips to wisconsin where i'll be running (she'll be crewing) in a couple ultramarathon races (50K and 50 miles respectively) this spring and summer, and she mentioned she'd like to meet up with one of her old friends who lives in the area.

"hell yeah, bring her along, we could always use more crew members" i told her.

"are the races on saturdays?" she asked.

"yeah. why?"

"well, then nevermind. she can't do anything on the sabbath. her family is very strict about it."

what a fucking way to ruin a kid's life! take away saturdays! no, you can't go out and play with your friends and enjoy the nice summer weather, you have to stay at home and read tall tales out of the bible and think about what'd be like to be swallowed by a whale but live to tell about it!

fucking bend me over and fill me with a cyprus tree. jesus fucking christ. these people really think they have it all figured out.

i wonder what would happen if they had an ounce -- JUST A FUCKING OUNCE -- of solid information about how the world does and doesn't work... man, i feel so sorry for that kid.

she has no fucking shot.

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