in addition to the myriad forms of "fuck" and "delusionoid", i also find frequent use in the word/phrase/exclamation "HOLLA!!!!"

it goes back to my childhood, where my back-road river-ridin' toothpick-chewin' elders were often heard yammerin' "g'on and holler at them neighborkids".

i'm not kidding.

"holler" was (still is) a word that really came to represent my family. we holler at folks. we don't yell.

and then, there was ja-rule, who did a good job of rulin' my musical world for a few years in the late 90s.

for we youthful skykillers, "holler" quickly became "holla" and we never looked back.

in fact, "holla!!!" has unofficially become the preferred salutation for the entire skykiller clan under the age of forty.

so trow ya hands up 'n HOLLA!!!

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