Oh, the sense of entitlement

in case you've been cut off from the world, you know that my city (the chi) got fucking dumped on with snow several days ago. it was massive. i've never seen anything like it. the storm broke a window in my apartment by spitting debris. i was fucking shoveling snow OUT OF MY APARTMENT, which was shaking during the thunderous raucous by the way.

i survived.

these signs (like the one featured above), the cones, the lawn chairs on the fucking sides of streets where people have 'claimed dibs' to parking spots because they shoveled are fucking everywhere. and, in my opinion, they're atrociously offensive.

oh, so you shoveled that little area, so that's YOUR parking spot, eh?

during my morning run, when no one else was awake, i went through and knocked all those fucking signs, cones and lawn chairs off the street and put them in one big pile. go fuck yourselves, you selfishly lazy bums! i don't care if you spent 3 hours or 3 FUCKING DAYS shoveling, i pay taxes for these goddamn streets too and you ain't gonna out-bully me.

the day after that storm, i went out with my shovel and joined a brigade of good neighborhood folks in shoveling ALL the sidewalks on my block AND the street. there were about 50 of us: young, old, men, women, kids, chinese, white (me), latinos... we all pitched in. 'cuz that was the right thing to do.

and we got that shit done in no time.

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