Two scams for the price of one!

here's a laugher.

got some aches? pains? ailments? slip on this snazzy bracelet with jesus' name on it and VOILA!


i am saddened by the fact that there are people out there fucking STUPID enough to buy this piece of shit.

but i guess the developers/marketers were pretty clever to target an already delusionoid-infected demographic for its piece-of-shit-made-up-crap product.

some people deserve to lose their money to asininity.


  1. Health, Heaven, and if you look in the lower right corner, Receive A Free Surprise Gift!!!
    The latest rage of 40 virgins is appealing, and the God of Moses is powerful (Pharaoh said so), but you just can't beat redemption in a bracelet. Nothing says Jesus quite like a copper trinket around my wrist.
    The goat burning is in five minutes. Don't be late.

  2. damn goat burnings. i'm always late man. my bad. i'll go suck some blood before the day is done. promise!