'Cuz the bible tells you so?

i find it very interesting that there are a good number of seemingly intelligent folks out there who do what they do, act like they act, just because the bible tells them to.


have you ever read the bible? i have. several times.

yeah, there are some good life lessons among all the bronze age bullshit, but you can get those same life lessons from curious fucking george books or episodes of saved by the bell (treat others as you would like to be treated, don't steal, don't fuck your best friend's wife, etc). i don't need a fucking bible to tell me that shit. it's COMMON FUCKING SENSE.

one of the reasons our species rose to the top was our ability to ask questions and figure shit out for ourselves. for those who blindly believe whatever their sunday school teacher taught them, just because, well, that's embarrassing -- a slap in the face to our caveman brethren who hammered a lot of phalanges with rocks to get us movin' on our intellectual way.

it couldn't be more clear: when you break down the bible and all the conflicting, fantasy-driven nonsense, it presents a worldview similar to that of the star wars saga. it's proverbial, it's dramatic, it's entertaining... and it's mostly make-believe.


  1. "...don't fuck your best friend's wife"... Unless he's OK with that.

  2. yes, if he's okay with that, then by golly, go for it! haha