Blinded by delusion

another jeebus-touting delusionoid is wasting time "praying" for me (link).

se la vie.

'cuz they just don't stop.

and of course this person (i'm assuming she's female based on the title, but who the fuck knows these days) takes on the assumption that she knows me, that she knows what sort of person i am just based on my adamant (and i'll admit, raucous) non-belief in sky gods, unicorns and fairies.

i get tired of shit like this. really fucking tired.

listen up: the burden of proof is on YOU, sky god believer. YOU. i'm not the one making unrealistic, bronze age declarations. prove to me your sky god exists and i will weigh the evidence just like i would any other important decision. PROVE IT.

oh, wait... you can't.

so stop the judging, judgey mcjudges-a-lot.

and while you're at it, know this:

yes, i know, through the tone of this blog, that i set myself up as a raging, angry, paranoid champion for progress. i know that. i do it on purpose! oh wow, can ya believe that?!? it's a fucking choice! i do it so people are more likely to pay attention, 'cuz let's face it, unless there's some sort of drama, or explosion or naked body part, it's really fucking hard to get people to pay attention to ANYTHING these days (why else do you think the bible is full of baby raping, murder and sodomy?)

but the main point is this: in a world governed by certain truths (i.e. gravity, relativity, simple math, et. al) your churchy religion shit just don't hold up to proper vetting.

and THAT'S a fucking fact.

PS, if you're gonna lambaste me on the internets, the least you could do is give me a link. good grief. reciprocation. RECIPROCATION, mang... that's what makes a  pleasant world go 'round. and i don't need no sky daddy to make me believe that.


  1. Sad thing is that YOU are actually more kind. Is it "nice" to demand (or even desire) that people stay (or become) deluded, when it can cause them great harm? No. It is nicer to expect people to wake up to reality and to attempt to help them accept the universe as it actually is, rather than as they might wish it were.

  2. tell me about it, kent. the passive aggressiveness of this particular non-exchange adds to the amusement of it all. they act all high and mighty, hiding behind a shield of lofty assumptions (that are, for the most part, false or at least unprovable) and act like they're doing us a favor, by fucking PRAYING for us.

    no, if ya wanna do me a favor, subscribe to the realm of logic.

    then we'll talk ;-)

  3. I gladly accept your challenge. And if you weren't so vulgar, I WOULD have linked you. I thought giving your name on there, was enough. You are not the only one who can hold a decent argument. But no matter what I say, I am sure I will go unheard. Be blessed, and be watching for more posts.

  4. if you can prove your god exists, based on the other laws of nature we, as man, know to be true, well, then kudos to you. until you can do that (no one ever has... to date), i can't take you seriously.

    so i'll be waiting. waiting for that PROOF. (HINT: the bible is not proof, the bible is just a vehicle for the sham, so let's be clear on that)

    and remember, you SOUGHT me out. not vice versa. i'm not gonna go chasing after you. if you wanna bring it, bring it.

  5. Okay. It isn't going to happen overnight, so give me some time. And actually I wasn't seeking you out. I accidentally found you when I was looking for some pics on Jesus and found some very disturbing images...and then found you. I was in a place when I was younger that I challenged a pastor in the same way years ago. And even when he DID prove through natural means that God exists, it took me a VERY long time afterward to ACCEPT those facts, I rejected that pastor. So I speak from experience when I say, even if I BRING IT I am going to go unheard. But even though I DIDN'T seek you out, I will gladly BRING IT.

  6. fair enough. i look forward to seeing what you bring forth as proof.

    also, you should know that i was once a part of the whole church thing... i was brainwashed at one time and allowed it to rule my life when logic should have. later on, i majored in religion in college. i have read most religious canons, front to back. i've been around the block. and my rejection of all-things religious is rooted in work -- years and years of hard work and research. just so ya know. i'm not just sayin' shit just to say it.

    there's a point to it all.

    still, dialogue is necessary if we're going to co-exist, so i'm all for it.