Does he look like a bitch?

i saw this pic on skull swap and LOL'd my ass off.

first, it's jules winnfield in his post-brain clean-up baby blue tee... second, he's playing one of my favorite childhood games (guess who) and finally, "bitch" is always funny when said in jules' bible-thumpin' voice.

for those of you who might remember guess who, i realized later on in life how sexist that game is. i mean, if you draw a female card, you're fucked. (if you've played the game, you know what i'm talkin' about.)



  1. This is awesome! Sadly, I had to explain the joke to my husband, which almost never happens. Apparently the poor deprived man never played Guess Who? as a child. I blame the California school system...and questionable parenting. ;)

  2. glad to know others played that game back in the day too. my sister and i feel like we're the only ones sometimes cuz we reference it all the time and no one knows what we're talking about.