Why do they still have their jobs?

one blaring characteristic of modern day USAmerica is that it's fucking broke and it doesn't fucking care 'cuz it just keeps spending. this is a terrible message to send to its people who have been doing the same thing and getting buried in debt.

the difference between the average joe and the average politician (almost qualified that with "corrupt" but isn't that redundant?) is that the average joe is going to suffer for it while the average politician gets to keep his cushy job with his cushy perks and his cushy summer home.


if i were to screw up my company so bad by taking out loans i could never repay the way washington is happy to do, i'd be standing in the fucking unemployment line.

but when DC suits do it, they parade around and shake hands and look busy and smile for cameras.

if republicans and democrats are both against bankrupting our country, then why are we bankrupt? if republicans and democrats are both against war then why the fuck are we fighting TWO of them???

it's times like this where i start frantically searching for that invisible RESET button.


  1. You and I can't print our own money, either, without being caged or killed.

    Reps and demos only care about a couple things: power and power. They will lie to you to get that power. They have one skill, and only one skill: getting elected. The system selects for those who are the best at deceiving voters.

    That is why I have withdrawn consent. The US government's debt is not my debt. I signed nothing agreeing to be responsible for the debt the government has taken on. When the bill comes due I will not shelter or defend those who owe.

    Seriously, if you listen to these cannibal clowns you will spend your life frustrated with no hope of ever finding a way out. The reset button is inside you.

    Pursue sex instead. (Oh, and buy silver!)