Off to delusionoid city!!!

well, it's that time again... time to visit with the delusionoid side of my family. i'm lucky in that this particular family member is pretty good about not shoving the xtrian jeebus thing in my face because she knows i can hardly stand it. she knows she'll never prove to me that her god exists. she knows that trying to do so will only make everyone uncomfortable (i've made her cry a couple times, not on purpose, but because i was "slandering" JEEEEEEsus).

though it does bother me that she and her husband are quite delusional, i must say that they still are very kind people (despite being insane) and i love them to death (even though they believe in fairy tales).

so this will be fun.


  1. Las Vegas put out a line on you. The over/under on keeping a cool head is three hours and sixteen minutes. Poppa needs a new pair of shoes! See if you can get them to tell you the story of how a little guy with a sling-shot changed the course of galactic history. That one always makes me laugh. Good luck.

  2. you should have bet the over. i survived. though i did have to tape my mouth shut!!! LOL