Heart broken

been listening to owl city's latest album over and over again because i just can't get enough of its synthy pop melodic awesomeness.

though recently, one of the songs (called "galaxies") peaked my interest for a different reason: there's a lot of reference to "god" and shit. it wasn't until i really listened to the lyrics that i began to ask myself "is adam young a delusionoid?????"

off to the google machine i went and yep. sure enough, dude is a fucking delusionoid xtrian.

i cried.

a little.

oh well, happens to the best of them. albert pujols. evander holyfield.

can't fucking win them all. i still love the music, just like i still love baseball and boxing despite the saturation of crazy.

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  1. I had a favorite artist, playradioplay, ... and he had some god references too, and then one day he saw the light and realized it was crap and he's an atheist now. It was awesome.