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tired of being taxed out yer giggy with the following...???
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building permit tax
CDL license tax
cigarette tax
corporate income tax
dog license tax
excise taxes
federal income tax
federal unemployment tax (FUTA)
fishing license tax
food license tax
fuel permit tax
gasoline tax
gross receipts tax
hunting license tax
inheritance tax
inventory tax
IRS interest charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
liquor tax
luxury taxes
marriage license tax
medicare tax
personal property tax
property tax
real estate tax
service charge tax
social security tax
road usage tax
recreational vehicle tax
sales tax
school tax
state income tax
state Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
telephone federal excise tax
telephone federal universal service fee tax
telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes
telephone minimum usage surcharge tax
telephone recurring and nonrecurring charges tax
telephone state and local tax
telephone usage charge tax
utility taxes
vehicle license registration tax
vehicle sales tax
watercraft registration tax
well permit tax
workers compensation tax
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  1. And, on top of the "tax" burden, there are the rules and regulations for everything the gov can figure out how to regulate.

    Thanks for the mention. It seems odd to me that so many people complain that libertarians always dwell on "what's wrong" but never focus on solutions, but my regular blog (which often talks about what is wrong) gets tens of times more hits than my Libertopia blog. Of course, the Libertopia blog is a lot newer...

  2. keep it comin', it's all good. i've learned a lot myself.