Thanks, google! this may be the best explanation i've seen so far


  1. Hehe- Jesus ponies!

    Back during my delusionoid days (and one of the things that helped break the spell), the couple who were teaching our "Young Marrieds" Sunday school class argued passionately that dinosaurs never existed, but that "dinosaur bones" were just big pig bones that had been put together wrong to make people believe that dinosaurs had existed. I thought "Those would have been some BIG pigs!"

    Of course, this was also same couple who would bawl endlessly over all the brats they didn't birth because they had used birth control. I knew their kids and had been shot, repeatedly, by one of them (just a BB gun, but still) while defending some other neighborhood kids several years before. I don't think they missed out on much by not inflicting more of their crotch-spawn on the world.

  2. crazy breeds crazy, kent. pig bones my ass! HA!