Waking up from the dream

there is a certain worldview that is instilled in the hearts of young americans from birth. it is that you can be whatever you want to be. it is that you are entitled because you live in the greatest country in the world. it is that you deserve respect no matter what because of your origin of birth and anyone who tries to get in the way is evil. it is that you are the keeper of the castle. it is that you are special. it is that your country will always look out for you. it is that famine, war and disaster will never touch you as long as you are on american soil.

and all of the above is GODDAMNNED FUCKING LIE.


it took me 32 years to see the truth: that my government doesn't give two shits about me, that all it cares about is MONEY MONEY MONEY and POWER POWER POWER and that it would just assume tax my ass to death and send my brothers and sisters off to die for no reason other than to fatten uncle sam's pocketbooks, that the politicians can't and won't take care of me, that i'm on my own.

and i'm trapped by the boundaries of my own social class.

the american fucking dream is just that: a dream.

not reality.

the sooner we deal with that, as a people, the better.

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  1. But, you know what? People in every other country are taught to believe the same silliness. It's an artifact of where you were born. Once you get over it, you will be a lot more free.