The best damn thing i've read in a long, long time

this is a repeat for some, but it doesn't matter 'cuz i can't emphasize how dead on THIS ARTICLE is. i wish every delusionoid would dust the blind arrogance off his chipped shoulder and take the time to realize he has no fucking clue either and that that is totally okay.

*thanks to all who informed me of this important piece yesterday. y'all know who you are.


  1. That is a good piece! I even posted a link to it on another blog where some anonymous commenter always tries to insult me every time I comment (not even about libertarianism).

  2. some of those comments seemed especially bitter!

  3. It's weird that Penn's ability to admit that he doesn't know everything is so refreshing. Maybe that's societies problem now a days, we've turned into a bunch of know-it-alls...or maybe we're just a bunch of jerks. It could go either way.

  4. i agree. i saw bill o'reilly once be ridiculously adamant during his show that there was a god because if there wasn't, "then what's the point?" well, i don't fucking know what the point is (why does there HAVE to be a point????) but i do know that just saying it's all about "god" is a stupid-ass, ill-informed cop-out.

    it's okay to not know.

    some people can't digest that. and they're the ones who are fucking everything up.