Slow down, pay attention and take note of how little we know

i've mentioned before that i'm actively trying to pay more attention to my surroundings, to always be aware of where i am, what's going on in the space around me, how are or would my actions affect the environment, etc.

this has given me a greater appreciation for life, for all its intricacies and oddities.

it reminds me that, really, i know nothing. i know a miniscule amount about the world in which i live.

i went out the door the other day and just decided to walk around the park and look at stuff. i got on my hands and knees and watched a community of ants do some heavy duty lifting for about 30 minutes. it was better than any t.v. show i've seen. cuz it was real. it was in my face. i felt like they were doing a little show just for me.

and later i sat by the pond and watched four ducks interact in a strange and repetitive routine that involved stretching their necks high above the water then gliding across the water real fast before going into a dive.

i sat there, mesmerized by nature, and thought, how the fuck could those fucking christian delusionoids think they really know all there is to know about how the universe came to be, that they know some fucking bearded sky daddy snapped his fingers and boom. there it is.

if, in the grand scheme of the universe, i am ignorant, then the delusionoids have to be somewhere between single-celled organism and fucking bat-shit crazy.

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