I wish i were a lil bit taller

when i was a kid, i yearned to be an abe lincoln impersonator. i grew up in west central illinois, where abe is GOD, and my ability to memorize his speeches came in quite handy as a youth.

of course, my dreams were shattered when i never grew an inch over 5'8.

oh well. not everyone can rock the look like this guy.

still not sure which is more awesome, this dude, or this dude's custom tee.

(wtf is the kid on the tee doin'? wearin?)

(image via tcd)


  1. I can't see the tee good enough to see what is going on there.

    Lincoln. Eww! That's a bad word! He should be known as The American Lenin.

  2. interesting read! they certainly don't teach THAT in illinois public schools!

  3. Here's another take on Lincoln and the so-called "Civil War" (it wasn't: a civil war is one where factions are fighting for control of the government. This had nothing to do with that): Was Slavery the Only Cause of The Civil War?