The dating rut

i'm tired.

i'm tired of the chase. i'm tired of wasting fuckloads of money. i'm tired of stretching my tolerance for mind games and manipulation.

so, once again, i throw my hands up in the air, unable to understand exactly what the fuck women want.

i'll tell you what i (as a man) want. i want sex. i want compassion. i want intimacy.

i want to be myself. i want to be able to watch baseball when i feel like it. i want to go run for four hours at a time and not be criticized.

that's pretty much it.

but so far, i've met zero people who are into that sorta thing.

fucking ZERO.


  1. I want all the above, as well as someone who is a true partner; not looking for every opportunity to stab me in the back- not collecting every bit of information against me to be used as soon as I don't go along with the latest nonsense. Let me be myself just as I let you be yourself. I have no desire to control others; why is controlling me such a popular pastime?

  2. not sure... but the controlling aspects of dating are definitely prevalent. i am pretty passive most of the time. i let my significant other do whatever she wants, investing in trust, hoping for the same. unfortunately, this usually gets flung back in my face, and i tend to attract control freaks who want to dominate my every move.

    like you, i ain't into that. so the solo life must go on...

  3. Alright, here's the deal. Most women are still socialized to believe that in a relationship you should be finding your better half, meaning you both are now half of a whole. This pretty much leads to the thinking that you should spend all your time together, as a unit. When that doesn't happen women think something is wrong, that you aren't really interested because you have other things going on.

    Not all women think this way but a lot do. I for one need my alone time and have my own shit to do, so there are women out there that will not make you feel like a dick for having a life outside of them.

    Just trying to give you hope that all women aren't crazy, time-sucking vampires.

  4. appreciated and well noted, st. p-swayze's co-pilot. i will reserve a smidgen of hope... just in case.

  5. It's a shame you can't say what you wrote in paragraphs 4 - 6 sometime in the first couple of dates. It's honest, it's well said and I'm sure some ladies would find it intriguing. Besides, you'll figure out the ladies who can't deal and have no sense of humor quickly, before you spend a lot of money...of course, Murphy's Law dictates that the intrigued ladies will be Cubs fans, he he.

  6. k -- it's worth a shot repeating those paragraphs. i have no qualms against dating a cubs fan... though it would make things interesting when the two clubs get together. let's just consider that make-up sex potential.