Why does sexy time have such a bad rep?

i like sex.

you (i'm assuming) like sex.

errybody likes sex!

so why the fuck is it such a taboo topic... STILL... after all these millennium?

the fucking church. that's why.

religions cast a bad shadow over sex so they can guilt/control people. shame and hate and shunning... these are age old tricks used by "authority".

well authority can fucking blow me. i like sex and i have no problem talking about it, or pursuing it, or FUCKING HAVING IT.

how ya like that popey pope?

that's right. i love me some vagina. and i really get off on being inside someone and sharing that bond. i totally dig lookin' in a woman's eyes and feeling something stronger than anything i could ever attempt to put into words.







and ya know what? as long as it's done between consenting adults, it's all totally natural. totally cool. totally reasonable.

i swear, if every man shot his wad and every woman climbed mount orgasm once a day, this world would be a much better place to live. and i could concentrate on posting more about sexy time treats than calling out religious train wrecks.


  1. The anti-sex people are the true perverts. They take something natural and wonderful and pile so much crap on it that they won't be happy until everyone is as neurotic about sex as they are. They are engineering a society of sexually dysfunctional people. I feel sorry for the people their lies and superstitions have harmed throughout history. Screw that.
    Here's my page about SEX

  2. Amen*, my friend!

    *For extremely secular values of amen, of course. ;)

  3. awesome stuff, kent! thanks for sharing. people could learn a lot from that piece.

    and of course, i second that secular amen!