Beatifying schmeatifying

not only are catholics delusional, but they are also extremely efficient at pomp and bullshit circumstance.

pope john paul II got beatified... whatever the fuck that means.

i do know that it's another step towards sainthood... which is just another act of delusionoidism. they believe that their popey pope can do magic just like their jeebus.

i know one thing: sitting back and letting sexual deviancy infiltrate the ranks ain't no thang when it comes to lobbying for sainthood, beatifying or whatevs.

but what can one really expect from an institution that has reeked of corruption and evil for centuries and centuries and centuries...???


  1. I read the title and all I see is "Beat meat". Seems like a less wasteful form of masturbation that that which the Catholics are engaging in.

  2. indeed! beat dat meat yo! think of what that time and those resources could be used for... sickening really.