More misdirection and question marks

so i'm actually being social recently and i meet this beautiful gal who really strikes my fancy... we get to talking... we have a bunch in common... we engage in lots of eye contact... stupid smiles... all giddy up in yer giggy... there's somethin' goin' on here...


before we have to go our separate ways i ask her for her number -- which she eagerly provides!!!

couple days later i call her up and ask her out and guess what!

she has a fucking boyfriend.




this is why men lose their shit, ladies. you play too many fucking games.

if you're not on the block, not interested, don't act like you are. please. you end up wasting a lot of my time.

*there is an OUTSIDE chance that i'm just fucking clueless when it comes to reading signs, but in this particular case, i don't think i was off the mark.

just sayin'.


  1. It means she's looking for the next tree. Girls are like monkeys. They don't want to let go of the boyfriend she has/tree she is in until she has the next in her grasp. So, the fact that she encouraged you seems to indicate she is swinging from her tree hoping to grab onto the next one, and you looked suitable. Give her that banana!

  2. I apologize on behalf of all womankind, gurl should have told you she had a boyfriend when you asked for her number. What can I say but, bitches be crazy.

  3. I don't think you were misreading signs if she gave you her phone number. And you encounter this sort of bahavior often? I agree with St. P but I guess a lot more bitches be crazy than I imagined.