Maybe there is hope for cats... then again, probably not

time again to remind everyone how much i hate cats.

i was at my sister's recently and her cat was being all weird with me. he likes to come up and rub against my leg, which would be fine and all if my leg then didn't immediately break out into a bazillion little red hives that itch like a motherfucker. i take allergy meds before i go and visit, but they only work so much before the cat dander finds its way deep inside my being.

when i was about five years old i figured out there wasn't a god, or at least, if there were, he was an asshole god. why would he make something so cute and cuddly make me so miserable?

never got an answer on that one.

not like i'm holding my breath or anything.

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  1. I used to know this girl who liked to invite me over for some "naked time", but her cat would sneak up as soon as I got my clothes off and bite me on the back. I asked her to lock him in the bathroom or something, but she couldn't figure out why I asked. (Yeah, she wasn't too bright.) I finally just started inviting her to my place instead. Things went much better after that.

    On a tangent- I just found out she died about 6 years ago of a stroke at the age of 25. Very sad.