Taken, plucked and long gone, pffft; focussing on the NOW

i'm at the age where past lovers are getting married. some of them have kids. all of them have long stopped sharing their beds with me.

there are a couple of them who i still long for (sometimes)... like, i get that feeling that i probably missed the boat... that i should've been on that fucking boat, if only i were smarter back then... or wasn't so self-centered... or, well, it does me no good to think about it now.

but if i'm feeling this then surely others have felt this before. here's how i'm coping with the pangs of lovers passed:

i'm wooing my mind away from those thoughts with exultations of what great, liberating things i'm able to do now.  in fact, focusing on the NOW helps me deal with a lot of life's fucked up issues.

now, i'm free to do what i wanna do when i wanna do it, anytime.

now, i'm not tied down by familial responsibilities. i can claim no dependents. i can get in my car and drive to fuckytown, u.s.a. and no one will give a shit.

now, i'm able to invest all my time into things that do bring me joy: baseball, being active, wine, being able to bang anyone i want without hurting anyone's feelings, spending countless hours playing with my two turntables and muthafuckin' microphone!!!

just sayin'.


  1. Amen!!!! Now how do you keep the freedom but get the sexy-time on a regular basis??

  2. oh, i never said anything about it being on a regular basis. but when opportunity does arise for a one-and-done, i don't have to worry about hurting someone else. that's what i meant ;-)

  3. One-and-done, I like that, i'm gonna use it.

  4. Maybe you missed the boat or maybe if you had stayed with one of them you wouldn't have been able to put so much time into running and other things that have centered you and brought you joy. You have no way of knowing.