Child trappings close to home

i have made it no secret that i find the indoctrination of children -- innocent, small individuals with no ability to think for themselves -- into the sadistically corrupt institutions of religion to be one of humanity's greatest crimes.

children don't have a choice. they are brainwashed early in life. and such trappings are often irreversible.

i was one of the lucky few who found liberation through self-education, but many are not so fortunate, or ballsy.

i have a nephew who is almost three years old and already he is singing "jesus loves me" to applauding praise from his parents. he knows not why he sings this song, he just knows that he was taught to do it by his mommy and daddy, and that when he does it, he is shown love and affection and smiles and hugs.

it fucking makes me wanna vomit.

and there's nothing i can do.

(image via ihmp)

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