True transcendence

my understanding of transcendence is quite simple. it's so simple it's fucking hard, which is why most people never reach it.

to me, it's not about believing in some unprovable sky daddy, not about dying for one's invisible friend, not about removing one's self from secular society... no... it's simply:


it's about always knowing one's place in the world, no matter how big, how small. it's about knowing one's surroundings, being in touch with one's body, being at peace with the known reality of our world and carving out a spot for one's self in that space that adds to its essence, rather than taking away.

it's about understanding how one's actions will effect the universe, or a neighbor, or a friend.

too many people (okay, let's be honest: MOST people) are selfish... most people are too wrapped up in self that thinking about any of the above is just beyond their comprehension.

it is a sad consequence of being disconnected with the very nature that provides us life.

and i feel sorry for folks who have no clue.

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