Man of faith = man of stupid

i'm a baseball fan, and during a game i was watching the other day, a rather famous player who was recently diagnosed with cancer was the topic of conversation between the broadcasters.

while the situation sucks -- i mean, come on, the dude has cancer -- i couldn't help but seethe when the broadcasters kept repeating "he is a man of tremendous faith" and "his faith will see him through" and "his undying faith is at the core of what makes him a great man"...

uh, sorry delusionoid enablers. i must've missed the memo on how believing in bronze age fairy tales and invisible sky daddies makes a man "great".

i feel sorry for the guy. i looked up to him as a kid myself. he was a hero of sorts.

but then i grew up, adhered to logic and learned a lot about the world... one of those things i learned is that a "man of faith" just means "idiot". sorry, but that's the fucking truth. it's hard for me to take anyone seriously in any discourse when they stand behind unprovable, hate-mongering make believe.

but i hope dude gets better, even if he isn't too bright.

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