Who the fuck cares?

i have a real hard time facing the reality that some people are just rich and wealthy and full of all the good things in life ad nauseum for no other reason than they were fucking born. that's it. william was born, BOOM, fucking world handed to him on a silver platter.

real hard time dealing with that.

some people are born, BOOM, fucking have AIDS. some people are born, BOOM, fucking poverty... or segregated... or blue collar with barely enough to get by. me, i was born, was a child of divorce, watched my entire family nucleus disintegrate, was separated from my sister, then forced into crazy beliefs that didn't make any sense... etc.

i could go on, but you get the fucking point.

why does anyone care about these filthy rich kids? i could give a flying fuck. if it were up to me and i were william, i'd tell everyone to go fuck themselves, then fly to vegas to get hitched. i'd tell all the idiots (ironically -- or not so ironically the same sort of folks who flock to churches and synagogues and mosques to worship their invisible friends) to go home, that the millions that would've been spent on a big show of pomp and circumstance would be better spent helping folks suffering from the devastations in japan or the southeastern united states or haiti... for fuck's sake haiti is STILL a fucking mess.

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